Detroit, MI

I have been to many places in America that are run down, broken and tired. Birmingham Alabama, rural MS, VA / WV coal country... Whenever I go to these places my heart breaks. This city however is beyond heartbreaking.

For every house in the neighborhoods I drive through that appeared to be occupied, maybe 5 were abandoned. Some less, some much more. Entire blocks stood empty save a handful of trees and run down or burnt out houses. Most of us, struggling and thriving alike cannot fathom the hardships of living with no real opportunities like this city has experienced. Still hope lives on and we must do better.

I want to point out that there are parts of the city that look like they're coming back. Occasionally I did see a new restaurants and new housing, and the sparkes of rebirth. This was particularly noticeable downtown.

Lastly I was to share this picture of a girl with the lollipop I found downtown. There is a series of them with different people with different expressions and such but this one stood out in tone. It just looked like a bright happy spot in a dark place.

The best thing was that just as I stopped a bird landed on my car's side mirror and was like "lights green asshole"!