Road-trip Through Northern Mississippi

Recently me and my friend Tina went on a road trip. We stopped at a number of places including Memphis TN but the goal was to go to the past state on my list east of the Mississippi River and that was Mississippi. Previously I had been through MS a number of ways but never stopped. We ended up driving to Oxford with the promise of a vibrant music scene... We found music but it was basically a decent college band. The town itself was nice. It is your typical college town. Per the recommendation of our hotel we ate breakfast at a restaurant called the Big Bad Breakfast and it was fantastic!

Not to far outside of town is a small state park called John W Kyle State Park. There wasn't much there but we did get out an tromp through the woods a bit.

The park is right near the Sardis dam. There is a lot of information on wikipedia about the dam and lake so I will just let you take a look there if you want more info. All I will say is the dam is really big and pretty cool.

After that it was time to head off to Arkansas but before we did we stopped to check one of the local cotton fields that were not picked. Cotton plants, if you have never seen them are really cool!

Overall Mississippi was what I expected. Pretty in places with great food and friendly people. Much of the areas we drove through were in and around Oxford. Outside of this area driving through you could see that people did not have much. It was similar to what I saw in Alabama. Proud people who are making due with what they have.