Disney World!!!

We went to Disney world!!! It was a blast. We ended up going to all 4 parks as well as both water parks and Disney Springs. Ill go into more detail below which I hope talks you into going cause its totally amazing and you should!

Disney Springs

Lets start where we did. The night before our official passes we when to check out this shopping / entertainment district. Plenty of free parking and lots of great stores (think mall brands + some Disney specialty places). There was also live music and you can take hot air balloon rides (not crazy expensive) or a boat ride... Its free to stroll around and relax. Overall a great place to unwind. Did I mention the giant dragon made of Legos in the water?

Magic Kingdom

OMG!!! Mickey, Minnie, Chip, Dale, Pooh, all of them!!! I challenge anyone to walk through the gate here and stay sad. My favorite ride is and will always be Thunder Mountain Railroad (get a fastpass) but the teapots are always fun and Pirates of the Caribbean while a bit cheesy is always good for a giggle. Other highlights are the Muppets as well as the parades and the shows. Splash mountain is fun but if you want to get wet for real go to Typhon Lagoon. If you want to meet Mickey or another major character though get a fast pass! Lastly, you must stick around at night for the fireworks! They are truly magical.


Epcot is weird... I've been three times in my life and the rides never appealed to me. What I do love is the world showcase. Around the central lake are 11 countries. My favorites have always been Japan, France and Morocco but there is much more to see. You can also drink your way around the world (one drink in each country) but I've never made it to far LOL. They definitely don't skimp on their drinks! As far as this trip, we didn't do much in this park other than ride Mission: Space (the non-vomit inducing green mission) and have dinner.

Animal Kingdom

This park is amazing! We loved Kali River Rapids (went on it twice!) and I think Expedition Everest might be one of my favorite roller coasters ever. No loops but it is fun! Check out the safari as well although don't expect to see the Lions during the day as they are generally nocturnal.

Hollywood Studios

For us this was a mission to see Star Wars stuff and we were not disappointed. Got to meet BB-8 and see R2-D2 and some Storm Troopers! Can't wait for Star Wars land to open here (next year?)

Port Orleans Resort

If you go to Disney World the best advise you can get (besides using fast passes) is to stay at one of the resorts in the parks. They are awesome and you will save both money and LOTS of time traveling in and out of the park. You can also use the Disney transportation system (or even cabs or ride-sharing apps) in the park. The point is, if you stay in the park you don't need to worry about parking (although we did drive to the water parks). Lastly, the Park Hopper pass is a great thing if you want to not get locked into 1 park per day. While the Magic Kingdom is great, it is nice to be able to skip over to Epcot for a drink or Animal Kingdom for Avatar at night.

I have stayed at the Port Orleans resort all three times that I have gone to Disney and it is always great. There are two sections (sub resorts) under this name, Port Orleans: French Quarter, and Port Orleans: Riverside. Both are great and are themed southern themed New Orlean...ish resorts that are right on the river. If you can get the time the boat ride down to Disney Springs is a great way to relax and unwind.