Magnolia Plantation - Charleston County, SC

I went here with the expectation of seeing a large Gone With the Wind house with sprawling fields, beautifully manicured gardens, and gazebos... Not quite. There was a decent sided home (not the original), a large sprawlimg fromt yard and wooded gardens that extended to the Ashley River. I do not wany to sound disappointed, this park of sorts was fantastic and I will explain my favorite parts below.

As far as gettimg onto the grounds you pretty much pay a la carte for different areas. I paid for general admission (including petting zoo), a boat tour of what was the largest rice field on the plantation, and the swamp trail.

Petting Zoo

I started here... actually I started with a bagel at the cafe but whatever. Regardless the petting zoo had a bunch of peafowl. One peacock was displaying its feathers the whole town. It was beautiful and cranky as they tend to be. Seeming to sulk not far away was a turkey all puffed up as well seeming to say "I got feather to guys!". Besides the birds I also hand fed the deer (one of them was named Gracie), a chicken, and a goat. The goat actually sniffed the food and licked my hand but it counts right? I admit I imagined I was Cinderella while doing this.

There was also a fox named Todd. He was stuck in a live trap as a baby and abandoned by his mother. Like the deer he's not able to be reintroduced into the wild.

The Garden

The gardens themself were pretty but felt more like a stroll through the woods than a garden. Not a lot to say but it was pretty with the trees reaching over the River.

Boat Tour

This part was fun! It included a 45 minute boat trip around the old rice field and included information about the plantation, the dangers faced by the slaves who tilled the land, the reason the plantation grew rice (turns out it was an awesome place to do it and even China bought the rice at the time), and the wildlife. Lots of birds including one I've never seen called an anhinga. They drive down and spare fish with their beaks and flip them into their mouths when back at the surface. Got to see one do it!

We also saw 2 alligators. One about 2 feet long and the other 8. Unfortunatly the pictures came out fuzzy.

The rest of the tour was beautiful and relaxing.

The Swamp

The swamp was awesome! Spiders, gators, turtles, birds, Spanish moss, and bugs. Honestly worth the trip in it of its self!I spent about an hour walking around but probably could have spent much more time.

And of course no trip would be complete with Squeeker! He loved it all and even got to take his first boat ride.

Final impression, check this place out!

Magnolia Plantation
3550 Ashley River Rd, Charleston, SC 29414