My Trip to Alabama

Last fall I took a trip to Alabama with a friend. A lot of friends asked "Why Alabama?" My response was simple. Every state has something to offer and man was I not disappointed. We flew into Atlanta and drove north to Chattanooga, Tennessee where we spent the night. That was an experience! Evidently it was the first night the hotel had turned on the heaters and the dust (or smoke) from them sitting unused caused out fire alarm to go off in our room when we where sleeping! The next morning we visited Ruby Falls before heading south west down into Alabama. The falls was gorgeous!!!

Once in Alabama though the beauty didn't stop. We stopped for a snack in a small town that had a craft village of sorts. Everyone was really nice and the homemade scone we bought at the farmers market was great! There was a beautiful bush covered in lazy bees also (actually it was getting chilly so they were probably just slowing down as bees do).

From there we went further south looking for some waterfalls. Unfortunately none were running very spectacularly as it was extremely dry. You can see the pics I did take of DeSoto Falls but its pretty dry. There was actually a huge forest fire that seemed to loom over much of our trip in fact.

To our surprise we also found a beautiful canyon called Little River Canyon that offered some breathtaking views!

As the day wore on we decided to head to Birmingham for dinner (we ate at a wonderful place called Cafe Dupont that exceeded our expectations! The food was wonderful and the service was outstanding.

This was our last stop as we only had one day to spend there. The city itself seemed sad and tired which is unfortunately how much of the deep south is in my experience. Overall it was a wonderful trip and I am glad I went.