Day Trip to Wausau, WI

Goat chicken and I took the short drive north to Wausau to visit a touring M.C. Esher exhibit at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum. It was freaking amazing. Sorry no picks of that exhibit as it was prohibited but if you can go see it do so. There was a small amount of other exhibits to see including one called Illustrating Illusions: Drawings by Robin Lauersdorf. There are a few cute pics but my favorite was the one called "Waiting for My Ship to Come In" . The other exhibit was dedicated to including one dedicated to the Audubon and has 2 paintings from one of my favorite artists Alexander Pope. Outside was a fantastic sculpture garden with some fun animals like a hippo and a rolling dog (see below).

Other than the art museum we visited a cute little park called Bluegill Bay Park that had a nice packed stone trail and some beautiful views of the Wisconsin River. Oh yeah... there was this guy as well!

On an unrelated not, I must figure out what type of mattress the Holiday Inn has. I sleep wonderfully every time I stay at one.

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Of course Squeaker came!