Squeeker Goes to Washington DC!

This is Squeeker, I recently went to Washington DC and brought him along. Here is his story!

After we got to the airport we needed breakfast. He was super hungey!

Once we got on the plane we had to confirm we would help in an emergency. Squeeker was up for the job!

He got a little scared when the plane started moving though...
Once we landed I decided it would be best to give him a little leash so he wouldn't get lost as we explored...
The next morning we went to breakfast... Squeeker had some coffee cake...
A lot of what we did that day we couldn't get photos of but Squeeker really liked dinner. It was fish and chips!
He got into a little trouble though and tried to rob some of the restaurant patrons!
I went out that night and he couldn't come so he went to bed early...
The next day though we got up and had bagels for breakfast...
and then we went did learned science at the Smithsonian!
Squeeker saw a lot of meteorites!
He though this rock was Gneiss!
He REALLY liked the dinosaurs though

His favorite? T. REX!!!!

After that adventure we got a soda...
But Squeeker was tired and wanted to go home...

He even helped me pack before bed!

The next morning we got up and went to see some of the DC monuments before going to the airport. Squeeker liked the Lincoln Memorial a lot.

He got to see the Jefferson Memorial from the car...

and though the Washington Monument was really tall!
He was scared to get to close to the White House though... Not sure he'd be welcome???
After all that we went right to the airport! Squeeker was excited to go home and wanted to hold the boarding pass and ID for the awesome TSA guy! 
Back on the plane he got scared again when we moved
Once in the air though it was time to say good bye to DC!

He asked if next time we could go to the mountains? I told him soon, but next time we are going to New England!!!

The ride got a little bumpy so the captain asked everyone to put on their seat belts!

Hello Chicago!!! Squeeker was excited to see the big buildings from the plane!