New Orleans and the beautiful smell of vomit in the morning

Last November I went to New Orleans for a few days. Granted I stayed right in the french quarter and never left it save for a walk down to the river. Just a warning, I am a pretty low key 39 year old trans woman and not a 22 year old frat guy so this isn't going to be a rave review of Bourbon street.

The first thing to note was that I had the unbelievable luxury of waking up every morning at 2am to the sounds of sirens and revelers outside the hotel. While the French Quarter is indubitable beautiful and unique (in its own way) I will offer two bits of advice; first, request a room on as high a floor as possible. Second, watch where you step as there is often times piles of vomit / beads / broken glass on the ground, particularly on Bourbon St.

One HUGE disappointment was the touristiness of it all. It reeked of that past its prime generic t-shirt shop depression you find in places that were once great travel destinations but now offer nothing but name recognition as a selling point. I was there before Katrina and it was different... granted at the time I was in my mid twenties and living as a male but still. Now, the music was gone, the sense of mystery was at best manufactured and prepackaged. All that remained is rows of streets trying sell you a fridge magnet, cajan food (some VERY good), over priced antiques, and Hurricanes in cheap plastic cups.

All of this may sound as if I didn't have fun... and the reality is I am not sure I did. Like I said, parts are pretty, the event I was at was fun, and the food was great; but... I am just not sure I would go back as a travel destination. A couple of the highlights included Jackson Square, the street music, the view of the river, and Cafe Beignet.