Columbus and the long drive down I-70

Recently I traveled to central and southern Ohio for the weekend with a friend. I'll skip over most the southern Ohio part as that was mostly spent indoors at a conference of sorts. The one highlight of that leg of the journey was a way better than expected Korean restaurant called Moon Garden in Fairfield I would definitely eat at again. Mind you it's not gourmet, but it was better than average for a strip mall Asia restaurant.

After we left the Cincinnati area we did go up to Columbus and I have to say... it's also much a Anywhere, USA city if I've ever seen one. Nothing was crazy, it all looked livable and normal. We were only there a total of 24 hours but still we ended up eating at two different restaurants while in town and managed to see a bit of the city. The first was an north Indian restaurant called Aab. It was pretty good but not the best. After dinner we stayed at a friend's house.

The next morning our host recommended a dinner called the German Village Coffee Shop located in the German Village neighborhood. The area seemed nice and the food at the dinner was awesome. They had place mats with all the presidents on them... We'll all but our current commander and chief that is. Probably for the best.

After breakfast we went looking for a used book store. Our first attempt was a book store in the German Village that almost induced a panic attack as it was a seemingly disjointed maze of rooms filled with books. That obviously was a bust. We scored however with our second attempt at a place called Acorn Books. I found a handful of the books I have been looking for including a hardcover copy of The Heart of Darkness! (P.S. If you haven't read this you should... you can buy it here)

After the bookstore it was sadly time to leave. It was along weekend full of fun but we were both shot. The rest of the day was spent driving down I-70 and up through rural Indiana, which my travel companion delightfully dubbed "Sad Iowa". We ran out of play list on Spotify so we ended up listening to The Green Mile on audible until my phone died. After the long drive through the darkness of Indiana (and the most disgusting Chinese Buffet I have ever had) we evidently made it home in one piece. Other pics from this trip can be found on this blog here and here.