Sundogs and Halos and Arcs, Oh My!

This is a gallery of pictures I took with my cell phone on May 4th, 2011. In all the pictures (except the sunset) there is a clear 22 degree halo around the sun. A very bright upper tangent arc (pretty rare) was clearly visible. Some sun rise photos include parhelion (sun dogs). There may be a possibly a supralateral arc which is super rare but I only noticed it in images that I upped the contrast and brought out the red in the last pic. It is there if you look close in to extreme top right corner of pic 2 and the top of both corners of pic 4 (this is the one i modified to highlight it) without the contrast upped but it is faint and the photo is grainy). 

These natural phenomenon are caused but tiny ice crystals in the air being aligned with the sunlight.