Week of Feb 8 - 14

SO I started this blog a while ago with the intention of sharing some photos and advice. I asked my frind Jordan to share when she could and that has lead to some really great additions. Starting this week I really would like to post a weekly digest of sorts to kinda give my readers a little review of what I have been doing or what I find interesting... Here it goes.

Mostly I have been working on some NSFW photography projects. While I definitely enjoy taking pictures of people in sexually compromising situations it is far from my only interest. In the past I have done a number of projects: one focused on women's shoes, another tights, and other butterflies. I think over this week I want to start thinking of a new project to take on. One that I feel comfortable sharing here.

I have also started getting back into music! My friend Ameila has turned me on to some really good bands lately that has opened up a part of me I seem to have forgotten about. One of these bands is called ESA. If you like industrial noise type stuff definitely check them out!

I've also found I really like the band Xotox! Again, aggro noise type stuff.

I am also considering buying a new camera but I'm not sure what I get yet. I am leaning towards a Pentax cause that is what I have now and would like to be able to use all my lenses!